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Skating Friends Support Japan

I have often said that figure skating is like a family; albeit a wacky family from time time. Just as often though are the well-meaning and generous intentions from insiders and fans alike. Two of my skating "cousins" Mario and Tanja are a part of a group of skating friends who want to support Japanese relief efforts. Thinking that it was an important cause, I asked for the details to pass along to you. Just another reason that some of the people I know make me proud to be part of this "family."

Skating Friends Support Japan

Figure skating related fundraising action for Japan kicks off with moved World Championships

Who: A group of skating friends decided to start a long-term fundraising operation with regards of the close connection between figure skating and Japan.

What: All the funds that are collected on the internet platform will be used directly for victims of the disaster areas in Japan, through the Lions Club International.

Why: The ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011 were scheduled to take part in Tokyo, Japan, in March. As a result of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, the championships were postponed and moved to Moscow, Russia (April 25 to May 1). Figure skating is a very popular sport in Japan and figure skaters all over the World love competing and performing in Japan.

As with everything else - do what you can. Every little bit helps.

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Jason said...
Trish, I understand your concern and your feedback is very helpful, but perhaps you might have been on a weak signal preventing the page from fully loading. Your browser when completely loaded should read "" indicating the presence of an SSL certificate. Please try refreshing your browser in this event -- the website has undergone numerous browser compatibility tests to ensure its safety and security across all platforms. As far as your question about the text, MCG is simply the technology provider. All content is maintained and managed by the charity, which has full creative control over what text is displayed on the page. I will bring this point to their attention and thank you for noticing. I hope this appeases your initial apprehension about donating, for the Lions Club is an extremely reputable and transparent organization who has dedicated a wealth of volunteers and resources to assisting the victims in Japan. Best, Jason G.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:33 PM
Trish O'Brien said...
I would be very wary of using this link - when I clicked on it, it re-directed me to which is NOT a secure site. It asks for all your relevant information - name, address, phone and credit card information over an open, unsecured connection. Also, the first sentence is grammatically wrong. "In lieu of the recent disaster" instead of "In light of..." A minor thing perhaps, but if a reputable organization were soliciting funds online, I think a proofreader and a secure site are pretty basic. Maybe I am being cynical, maybe these are good-natured amateurs trying to help, but there are reputable secure sites already established for Japan disaster relief. Sorry to sound negative - Trish O'Brien
Sunday, April 24, 2011 4:17 PM
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