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On Tuesday, it was Games Day at the rink for the children in group lessons who are at the learn to skate stage. One of the children in one of my groups is a tiny, delicate, little girl who love, love, LOVES her pink skating dress and matching gloves. Her name is Clara and she reminds me of Cindy-Loo Hoo from the Grinch Christmas debacle and even I have to bend way down to hear her through her hockey mask. Not surprisingly, as we were setting things up, it was bedlam with kids tearing around at ( their) top speed. It can be a bit overwhelming if you have a delicate constitution. Clara skated over to me and said "" I bent down and as I did, her wee face crumpled and she started to cry. This was the kind of pitiful, silent yet stoic sob that let you know that Clara had been carrying some enormous weight on her tiny shoulders. I asked her what the matter was with the appropriate degree of concern. Sniffling, she said: "My tummy hurts." I asked her if she wanted to skate with me for a bit until she felt better. "Yes please." We skated for a minute or so, hand in hand and she elaborated about the situation (I had thought that it was simply a case of being overwhelmed by all of the chaos and often sore tummies are kid code for HELP!) Clara said: "At school, they said that there were Stomach Flies going around and I really don't want to catch a Stomach Fly."  Eeeeuuuw. Who would? A tummy bug by any other name...stomach fly...somehow sounds more icky! Skating hand in hand, it was clear to Clara those damn flies wouldn't be able to catch us!

My daughter Caroline is a Cub leader and 2 weeks ago they went on her favourite field trip - to the police station. To say that the kids, who are 8-ish years old, are excited doesn't begin to cover it. The police officer who talks to the kids is beyond cool as he shows them his handcuffs and even puts them on one of the leaders or a parents to squeals of delight. There were a couple of interesting exchanges - namely when the officer asked if any of the children could say what a stranger was? Colin, a sober and serious little guy put up his hand and said: "A stranger is someone who kills animals." Whaaaaat?  I think it's time to turn off the cable Scream channel and start talking as a family. Then there was the hyper but genius Edson who is that kid in every group who is always shooting his hand into the air with an accompanying "Oooh, ooh, ooh" sound. He wanted to share the following with the officer: "Don't you think it's ironic that police officers are supposed to help people but sometimes they end up killing people. Ironic eh?". The officer, bless him, said "huh." and left it at that. This same officer though shared the following story with Caroline: he had heard about a group of children who had gone to visit a police Headquarters somewhere and were stopped in fron ot the Top 10 Most Wanted poster. After some discussion about these ne'er do wells, one little fella put up his hand and asked the officer: "Why didn't you just keep them when you took their picture?"  Good question when you put it that way.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.


I liked this book: Taking The Ice - you will too!

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