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Hi kids!


Whew!!  It has been a very busy week for Pj and me!  First of all she has been working very very hard and hasn't had a lot of time to take my notes and put them in the computer for you to read.  She says she's sorry!

I have some great news:  I GOT TO MEET SCOTT MORRISON from Hockey Night in Canada!!!  I told him all about everyone at all three schools and he wanted to make sure that I took a picture together with him! As soon as Pj gets the chance she is going to put it in our Gallery.  He said that Canada has a very good chance at the medals and even Gold in men and women's hockey!  Let's all keep our fingers crossed!!

I got the chance to run into another Flat Stanley in a restaurant with Pj and Randy Starkman - we had fun.  Starkman's Stanley got his picture taken on a suchi boat that goes around the restaurant as well as with very famous Eric Heiden - who is an American speed skater who won all of the speed skating races he was in at the Olympics in 1980.

I have also been meeting a lot of new friends at CBC in vancouver - people like Heather Hiscox, Karin Larsen and Ian Hanomansingh as well as lots of new radio friends like Matt Galloway from Toronto and Rick Cluff from here.  Everyone is so nice.  they all want you kids to know that they think that you sending banners to the athletes was a really cool thing to do and that the athletes really appreciate everyone's support!

Pj's mom took me to the women's hockey game....I had fun!

More later!

Stanley and Pj

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Hi Kids!

I bet you're wondering where I have been for the last few days?  Well, I have been very busy going all over the place and telling people about our schools!

The people are very friendly and helpful!

Pj's friend Debbi, who is a team leader for Canada, was pursuaded to take the banners for us to the athlete's village. She was able to get them signed by some athletes so that when they come back home you can maybe keep them at each of your schools as a souvenir!  The Canadian figure skating team was VERY excited to see all of the kids' names on the banners and wanted you to know at Ashgrove, Willow Glen and Elmcrest schools that they LOVED the message of encouragement and support.  They said THANK YOU!

If you check on the gallery from Pj's homepage you will be able to see three of the skaters signing the banners!!!!  YAY!

Pj has the DAY OFF today! So, we have decided that we are going to go and explore Vancouver a little bit.  We will be sure to take lots of pictures and put them up online later.

I was at the skating rink yesterday working with Pj during the men's short program event and I got the chance to be behind a TV camera!!!  More about that later!!

Have a great day everyone!

Bye for now

Stanley and Pj


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Hi Kids!

This has been a very busy couple of days!

When I last wrote you...I told you that I was going to be able to go on a sleepover with my friend Gaston Bison and Monique.  As promised, I got to go to the Athlete's Village and hang around while Monique and Patrick "DJ Iree" Sweeney worked on the Team Welcome ceremonies.  This is a really cool tradition here in Vancouver where the arriving teams get welcomed officially into the athlete's village and you have to have a special pass to be there.  Pj hasn't even been there but I got to go!  
Everywhere I went I told people that I was representing 3 schools...and I told everyone about the banners I have with me as well...and hopefully I will get the chance to put them up some more places very soon!

I got to take a picture with an RCMP officer as well as my pals the mascots and then Monique, Gaston and I GOT TO MEET RICK HANSEN!!!  Check out our picture together :)  Mayor Hansen is one of the mayors of the athlete's village.  Pj was really jealous that she didn't get to meet the original man in motion!!

Tonight was a very special night because Pj and her team were given Opening Ceremonies' dress rehearsal tickets.  We had to be there an hour early and we were not allowed to take any cameras and we are not allowed to say anything about what we saw because it would ruin the surprise for this coming Friday when it all happens for real.


There is nothing more that needs to be said!

A lot of proud Canadians in that venue tonight and we were right along with them.

Pj and I will be getting together with friends to watch the Opening Ceremonies and we both hope that you will get permission to watch as well on Friday.  You won't want to miss a minute!

Well, it's late here and Pj and I are both sleepy.  I will be back to you with more adventures very soon!

Bye for now!

Stanley and Pj



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***Flat Stanley's Olympic Adventures***

Hi Kids!

Another very busy day for Pj and me!

First of all we had to go to the ice rink with Mikey V  to meet with some of our bosses to talk about a part of the event called the Gala which is happening on the last Saturday of the Games.  It should be very exciting!  Peter and Mario are from Germany and Pj has known them for a very long time and although Peter can say some scary things...he always says it with a twinkle in his eye so I got to learn that he was just kidding and wouldn't really find a pack of wolves to feed her to.  (Me too is she was holding me!!)

After the work was done we took the bus (remember we get on it for FREE!) back to the city and met our friends Josee and Robert to go to a party to celebrate the Super Bowl.  Pj and Mikey V had met a very intersting and friendly bus driver on the way to work that morning who said that they could take the Sky Train to the waterfront and then go by Fairy to the other side of the bay to North Vancouver.

Vancouver sure is a wacky place!  First of all..we went on the SKY TRAIN which isn't in the sky at all it's UNDER GROUND at least where we were; kind of like Toronto's subway.  Then by Fairy???  Across the water??? What if she drops us is all is what I was thinking.  Pj can swim but I'm not even laminated!!!   Then I overheard Mikey V and Robert talking about the fairy again and this time calling it The Seabus.  Well that didn't make me feel any better. A SEA .....BUS??!!  What if someone didn't close their windows tight enough? The same problem with the lack of lamination for me.  Couldn't these people just use some bridges???

Whew...we arrived at the SeaBus terminal only to find that we were going to travel by FERRY and not FAIRY!!  While we were wating for the ferry to arrive, I met a new friend named Chloe.  She was really pretty and nice and she and her Mom are coming to see a figure skating event.  Pj  and Mikey V had better have their acts together by then!! One funny thing:  Kooky Josee thought we were already on the ferry while we were still on the dock.  I think it was her first time on public transportation and she was still confused by the whole underground Sky Train thing. (I was too!) It was fun to see the city from the water although there was noplace to step outside on the deck to watch.  You will see from the pictures that we had a nice time!

I have some exciting news!!! We all went to dinner when we got back to this side of the city (this itme by taxi and over a bridge!) and I met another couple of new friends.  Monique, or as Mikey V likes to call her Dominique (Hmm...I guess it's a grown up thing...I am not sure why?) is the French announcer for Curling and is from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She is also going to be staying for the Paralympics and working at curling and is very nice AND she brought a friend with her too from her son's school in Manitoba.  His name is Gaston Bison (he is French Canadian) AND we are going on exchange sleepovers!!!  Monique is also the french announcer for the Team Welcome Ceremonies in the Athlete's Village and she is taking me with her TODAY!!!  I get to be inside the Athlete's Village where you only get to go if you are an athlete!!! I am going to be on my best behaviour!!  Monique is also going to take me to Curling and Pj is going to bring Gaston to figure skating AND Robert and Dany are going to take him to Short Track Speed Skating!

Although I am from Willow Glen, I also say that I have good friends at Ashgrove and Elmcrest so we can all share in the fun!!

I have only been here a couple of days and already the adventures are amazing!!

Talk to you soon :)

Stanley and Pj

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***A Flat Stanley Olympic Adventure***


Hi Kids!!

I made it all the way to Vancouver and had a really good night's sleep last night!  It was a good thing because Pj and I were really busy today!

Pj introduced me to her friends from the Snowboard crew.  They are very cool AND very friendly.  Kevin and Uncle E and Spence and Andrea offered to take a picture with me and then got everyone to gather around for a picture with the banner!  Uncle E says the most important thing you need to be part of the Snowboard crew is "hat-itude". (He likes wearing hats a lot!)

We met up while we were waiting at a place to get a tag known as "accreditation" which has everyone's full name as well as their picture and where they are working.  The people who work there have a very important job because they need to be sure that they are giving these tags out to the right people and that everyone who has a tag is able to work where they are supposed to.  There are letter codes on the tags that identify the location where you will be working and what kind of a job you do. The cool thing is with this tag Pj can take us on any city bus for free! (Guess how much Pj likes free stuff?  A whole lot is how much!!!)

After getting the tag we lined up again for our uniforms in the same building and the nice ladies in the room where you can try things on kindly held me up for a picture and then unrolled the Ashgrove banner to do the same thing. 

The next line-up was in a warehouse place where all of the uniforms are stored on shelves.  Pj handed the lady behind the counter a sheet of paper that had her name on it as well as the size of clothing she needed and the lady went and got a bag and filled it with all of the items.  There are 2 long-sleeved blue shirts, one pair of pants, one jacket, one vest  AND a pretty blue hat that the lady let me try on!

After that we went to the arena where Pj will be working and she was able to meet one of her new bosses and get a cell phone from him to use during the next 3 weeks.  The arena looks great and I am sure that there will be some great skating going on there pretty soon!

After lunch, we went to a meeting with all of the announcers and DJs and producers and everyone who will be working at sites around the city.  It was a lot of fun and great to meet so many new people.

I think I am going to love it here!  More adventures as they happen :)  Make sure to go to my Gallery to check out the pictures.

Bye for now.

Stanley and Pj






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